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 The Waggon & Horses

Welcome to The Waggon & Horses

A long standing, historical venue that has fallen out of favour in recent years, we want to bring the Waggon & Horses back to being a great community pub serving great food and a wide selection of drinks.

Here at The Waggon & Horses we believe that care and passion are the key ingredients to a successful menu. We source only the finest local ingredients and try to use seasonal produce wherever possible.

The drinks selection at The Waggon & Horses is vast. Bringing you over 30 gins in our specialist gin menu, paired with tonic and garnish for the perfect serve. Ask at the bar for a recommendation or to see our gin menu. We believe that the secret to a great bar is passion from the team. We encourage all of our staff to specialise in something they love, that way we can bring the most accurate information about all of ours drinks selection.

Make yourself at home in our tap room, bring along the family dog. Or book a table in the restaurant for a more traditional dining experience.

 The Waggon and Horses

 The Waggon and Horses

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